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A living model of

Regenerative Land Use

Sustainable Structures

Healthy Lifestyles



The creation of a diverse facility that will set a precedent for regenerative design, ecological values and sustainable economies while supplying the community with high quality products, services, employment and education. 



Zero Emissions | Closed Waste Loop | Land Regeneration | Organic Food Systems 


Inspiration | Connection | Authenticity | Rejuvenation


Micro-businesses | Localised Jobs | New Economies | Security


Workshops | Retreats | Community Events | Digital Media


A Vision in Action...

Creating a unique place and purpose.



The Land

96 Granuaille Rd. Bangalow

Set next to the thriving boutique country town of Bangalow this 86 acre property has been a cattle and stone fruit farm for over four decades. It's topography of rolling hills and hidden nooks offers an exciting canvas for the owners and team visioning it's metamophosis into one of the nation's most unique and prosperous rural  properties.

Bangalow is derived from the indigenous word 'Bangalla' said to mean 'low hill' or a kind palm tree native to the region. The Widjabul people of the Bundjalung Nation lived in the area for thousands of years, many of the twelve tribes of the Northern Rivers would have passed through during this time.

We acknowledge the original custodians of the the land, past, present and future.

It is our hope to regenerate the land, encourage biodiversity and work harmoniously with both as we develop healthy food systems and human spaces. Watch this space...


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