Pastured Chickens

We chose to raise chickens for consumption on site as our small scale protein offering.

The birds roam in large fenced cells and roost in ‘Salatin’ style tractors during the night.

We feed them certified organic pellets mixed with biochar and supplement this with fresh organics and pasture.

Each week we process a small number of birds for local restaurants and residents.

Happy customer quotes:

‘Best tasting chicken ever!’

‘First meat I have eaten in years. Mainly because I know where it is grown and its chemical free.’

‘We love eating locally from a trusted producer that values healthy practices, can I order again this week?’

We are slowly scaling our production of birds to meet the growing market. Our end goal is to create a forest like environment that offers an ecosystem of forage plants and fruits, shade and security. As the chickens move through the system they fertilise the earth and minimise pests as they feed - a regenerative plant and animal relationship.