Night Crawlers and...

Not the sort of names you would attach to our under ground friends?

Worms are soil specialists and a vital component living in your garden but also in their own special accommodation... The Worm Farm. At 96 we no longer have any large herbivores on the land and as a result have a number of old bath tubs that were used as watering vessels for the stock. I may leave one for a rustic out door bath but the rest will be converted into mini farms for our eyeless friends.

These little creatures are a gift to have on site... not only do they devour our food scraps their by-products are highly valued. We will use the worm castings (poo) in our soil and especially with our plant propagation. The vermicast will be used as a spray to enhance our compost and for on our plants. 

There are various methodologies on the best design of a bath tub worm farm and I will try a couple of them and share the results.

Blair Beattie96 Bangalow