Bush Tukka

This quick post is a personal one...

For years, ok all my adult life, I have been open to opportunity. This perspective has taken me to to many places and allowed for an abundance wonderful experience. I am extremely grateful. Now with a family and an amazing partner I have been gifted another. Luckily here in Byron Shire.

With the conception of 96 I need not go anywhere ever again. As this project will provide all of the stimuli I require for many a year. It is my hope this will be a legacy piece and with the growing team of equally enthused humans I feel we can create something of service and prosperity. Something special.

With some context delivered I will get to the point!

I have been devouring literature on native foods of late and it is feeding a part of me I had not been aware of. Some greater need that dwells in the heart. Through this deeper understanding of what this land offers and the practices of the original peoples I am connecting more with country in this region.  The recognition of intricate farming systems (suppressed by our colonial forbearers), methods of food preparation and relationship to the plants providing this bounty has expanded my awareness and offered a sense of place for me in the work we are doing at 96. It is now also providing a sense of purpose that translates quickly to a social imperative to share this work in progress. 

It is high time we embraced this beautiful country and it's unique offerings whole heartedly. We at 96 are honoured if we can assist this process.

so... I am excited to announce our friends at Wild Harvest will be joining us on site with bush food master and national treasure Peter Hardwick assisting with the regeneration and bush food plantings... and I mean big when I say bush food plantings - polyculture style in natural riparian zones and buffers areas mixed in with genetically appropriate species to the area. Stay tuned for more...

Viva la bush tukka!

Join us on the adventure.

Blair Beattie