It is amazing how time passes by, for me it is in the Summer months it seems to slip by all too quickly. Hence my zero blog posts in two months!

We almost held our first workshop on the land last month but weather and very soggy soil forced me to postpone until later in April or early May.

Compost has a bit of a bad rap i feel. When you look at the benefits of composting it's a no brainer but not many people actually compost. Its a perception thing... Too many people have tried and ended up with some stinky, vermin attracting anaerobic sludge that was discarded and never tried again? The reality of healthy compost is no smell and no vermin.

Who knows why composting is not looked upon as a wonderful opportunity and undertaking. Did you know close to half of land fill is organic waste? That this ends up as methane in the atmosphere (not good). Did you know composting can make plants more productive, set resilient and increase harvest times = healthy plants with more fruit. 

That's why we would like to help change some of the perceptions and behaviours around compost and it's creation and uses. In the coming weeks we will be setting up collection of organic waste from some of our favourite Bangalow food retailers and Barrio in the new Habitat estate in Byron. This will be used to feed our voracious worms and also for organic matter in our compost.

Once we have created our 'mother' piles (2 tonnes) of bio inoculum compost full of healthy microbes and nutrients we will order a large quantity of compost (10 tonnes) from the good folk at Lismore waste facility. The 'mother' will be blended into the mix to create a bulk supply of beautiful chocolate compost for our gardens, food systems, natives and the Bangalow community.

Please stay tuned for the new workshop date and hope to see you there.

Blair Beattie