There are many young innovative farmers in the region that are starved of the opportunity to own or lease land and create the healthy regenerative food production systems that will support them economically and also provide vibrant food to the community. We are keen to collaborate with these growers and support them as a landholder. I was very keen to speak with Thiago from Syntropic Farms Co. as i had been watching his work for some time and saw there was potential to work together.

Syntropic Farming takes the forest as a model and mimics this biodiverse system using food and medicine. Out comes are healthy and inputs are reduced = smart farming. The link here is a great introduction

We are rather excited about a collaboration with Thiago from Syntropic Farms Co. Prior to Spring 2018 we will start preparing a Syntropic food system designed and installed by Thiago and his team. We have offered a long term lease of prime land so we can realise the successional progression of the system and track data, yields etc. to enable further understanding how such a system can be successful in this region.

The plot will be used for educational purposes via workshops and interns and the produce will be sold at our farm gate and local restaurants. 

We look forward to telling this story.

Blair Beattie