For the last few months we have been honing and refining our practices on farming pasture raised organic fed chickens as our protein offering form the farm.

We are now happy to note that we are producing some of the tastiest most coveted chickens in the shire.

The local community and restaurants are enjoying the weekly offering of whole birds and especially the larger size that equates to extra meals.

Farming the regenerative way:

Our birds are travel around our pasture in electrified cells and spend the night in our ‘Salatin’ style tractors. The key is movement so as not to impact the earth negatively and allow fresh foraging for the ladies.

We ensure they are not over populated and fresh water is available at all times. Their feed is made up mostly of certified organic pellets and this is supplemented with organic waste from local restaurants and whatever they browse in the paddocks. We are seeding fallow pasture with vetch and red clover at present.

We welcome locals to come and purchase birds direct from the farm so they can experience local food! Every Thursday and Friday we have fresh birds available.

Blair Beattie